Wednesday :: Oct 7, 2020

Ah, the Access Hollywood Anvil

by paradox

When your opponent is drowning, so goes the famous political line, you throw him an anvil. In the Titanic scene of drowning the 2020 election is turning out to be for President Trump and the Republican Party grinning liberals don’t even have to get up, every time a desperate Republican operative throws out the Access Hollywood rationale man they heave a 150-pounder right into their own drowning ranks.

Today is the anniversary—October 7th-- of the notorious Access Hollywood tape where President Trump was recorded saying the proper advance on women is to “grab them by the pussy.” It was seen as an irrevocable smash of defeat for his campaign, in another story of President Trump horror it turned out not to be, desperate Republicans in 2020 keep bringing it up to somehow keep the faith and hope in their howling present disaster.

By all means keep doing so, my Republican brothers and sisters, do it every single day, keep telling yourselves that if President Trump can come back from the Access Hollywood tape in 2016 he can pull out another miracle in 2020. Right?

Heh, of course every national election is nuanced and unique in its very own way, Trump isn’t a braying outsider anymore, he’s got an incredible record of fascist failure that’s completely ripped this country apart. His only tiny hope this October 7th is to somehow attack Vice President Biden as more undesirable than him, a totally impossible task. Among other problems with this tactic the American journalism corps hasn’t gone berserk over Mr. Biden’s email admin skills, his little journalism helpers aren’t along this time.

In just the last ten days President Trump acted like the filthy lying troll he is at the debate, had his taxes reveal he’s a sneering crook, caught covid-19 with horrifying Mussolini behavior, and then yesterday blew up the CARES stimulus package—while he’s still sick and on medication!

Heh-heh-heh-heh, those are four shiny anvils right there, in all the roaring chaos and defeat sure as Santa today some Republican will bleat that Trump still came back from the Access Hollywood tape, he can do it this time!

Yeah baby! Do it, do it many times all day, heave that black 150 pound anvil smack into the drowning campaign of your Republican loser candidates, at least there will be some poetic justice in all the filth and assaults of your people.

The quietly competent Biden campaign totally gets it, yesterday they bought a reported $4.6 million ad buy in Texas, which has turned purple.

To put it out there, America desperately needs Electoral College reform before the 2024 election, if Texas remains purple the Republicans should freak out and frantically try to get out of the Electoral College format, with Texas gone they won’t win the Presidency for 40 years. It should happen, but, amazingly, even self-preservation is a skill the Republicans are lousy at these days.

Machiavellian realist George Conway classically described the Texas ad buy as “twisting the knife in deeper.” Anvils, George, Democrats say anvils, this graphic realism is supposed to be more circumspect among our liberal ranks. Thanks for all the help this cycle, see you in 2024, sir.

Personally I did all right helping the Biden campaign with a little money, and my one Senate contribution was for MJ Hegar in Texas, she’s a fine Lady who deserves to win. There’s just a few days for money contributions to help in time in the 2020 race, if you have any to spare hitting the Senate races today isn’t a bad idea.

All my people, all of them, are registered and committed to voting, not one Republican vote among them. Any day my California ballot will show up and I’ll vote by dropping it off just a quarter mile away at the library weeks before November 2nd. All of my people are committed to checking will all of their people that voting is paramount and has to happen as soon as possible.

I got knocked back a bit last week but I got up, I always do. Everything I can possibly perform for Election 2020 I have done except use my voice right until the election, the calendar is holding me up there.

I am hardly alone, unique or virtuous among liberal Democrats, the election of our lives is here, when we’re not in the fight the Republicans are throwing anvils to themselves, no one is missing this.

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