Monday :: Oct 12, 2020

Moscow Mitch Doesn’t Think the Democrats Can Expand the Supreme Court

by paradox

Fearing a wipeout unified government win for the Democratic Party, many Republican operatives in print and teevee emerged over the weekend to frantically attempt stopping the blue tsunami by gravely warning the Democrats would pack the Supreme Court if they win it all November 2nd.

There’s been a lot of tough liberal talk on expanding the Supreme Court but Mitch McConnel is quite sure it won’t happen, do whatever it takes—anything—to ram home the Supreme Court pick home now for a 6-3 conservative majority, she’ll be there for 30 years with no accountability whatsoever, the Democrats can’t and won’t ameliorate the pack with court expansion in 2021. Why is he so sure of that?

Three factors: the atrociously, infuriatingly incompetent American corporate journalism corps, a Democratic Party notorious in its reputation in difficulty to lead and act, and the unity trap Vice President has already triggered.

Instantly, before court expansion ever germinated as a public issue in 2020 the American journalism corps completely blew it in not telling the court packing story Moscow Mitch has been implementing for the past 5 years with enormous success, the political and media junkies know it but that’s it, a fraction of our people.

Then—as Eric Boehlert so assiduously documents today—mainstream corporate media misses the initial story and to keep up being disgusting dullards adopt Republican nomenclature that completely obscures the truth in framing the issue.

Democrats are not packing the courts, McConnel already did that, Democrats seek to expand the Supreme court to obviate the Republican cheat.

Congratulations, US journalism corps, for yet again being nothing but a bunch of yapping herded sheep, total failures in your core mission here and manipulated by liars. For the love of Hamilton, will you ever grow and honestly perform? Take a real good around, my dear cousin scribes, a lot of the Trump mayhem and destruction is owned by you, yeah, you. Not all, of course not, but oh my god more than enough for you to comprehend and learn from. In theory. We’re all still waiting.

Democratic leadership has aptly been described as an evolution of herding cats, if not impossible then totally exhausting, a natural outgrowth of a righteously diverse Party. It’s going to take the best whip job ever from Party leadership and Mr. Biden to keep necessary votes unified and successful.

Senators Manchin and Feinstein have already gone on the record opposing the Senate filibuster, something that must happen for court expansion implementation. Can they be whipped into line? Possibly—but always for a price. It’s an unfortunate outgrowth of Democracy that close votes create Kingmakers, you can get their vote all right but there will be a present or future price, we should all get used to seeing that spectacle unfold next year, and it’s a difficult leadership task.

Lastly is the unity trap, it’s not a criticism in the least, just a realism fact Mr. Biden will have to adjust to. Vice President Biden has repeatedly tweeted lately that the country wants unity and cooperation, there’s multiple surveys demonstrating it, he’s the guy that can do it.

The jaws of the trap snap shut at the different concepts of unity behind the positive survey answers, Democrats think it means respectful cooperation while Republicans think it means the liberals should always shut up.

The Republicans say they want unity, Vice President Biden, but come January 2021 they’ll turn into the most vicious manipulative liars and propagandists we will ever see to shut the liberal agenda down. Fox News will back them up, the corporate journalism corps will bow it again and now you’re in a real serious fight to get bills passed in a hostile media environment with slavering jackal Republicans ceaselessly on the prowl for any weakness.

Doesn’t sound like unity to me, it looks like a total setup for political failure, actually. Vice President Biden is somehow going to have to contrive a real, viable politics that says look, we invited the Republicans for unity but they always turned us down.

Just as crucial to any possible reform being passed is this political workaround of the unity trap, it must receive the same attention and sustained leadership fix or else the public will only see instant Republican obstruction but yet blame Vice President for failure—failure in performance and in setting himself up for it.

No wonder Moscow Mitch is so confident, those are some truly serious political and media obstacles for Vice President Biden to overcome next year.

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