Wednesday :: Oct 14, 2020

Why Does Trump Still Get 30-35% Latino Support?

by paradox

One of the most baffling and concerning statistics of Election 2020 is the rock steady 30-35% level of support President Trump still gets from the Latino community. After all the vicious, inhumane treatment of Latinos at the southern border how could this still be possibly so?

Reported in the New York Times today the phenomenon is explained as “the macho appeal of Trump.” Well, what is macho, or machismo, then? Authoritarian asshole, the singular male in charge.

Even after hundreds of years in development American democracy is still simply not believed in by a distressingly huge slice of the population, the ridiculous messy squabbling of democracy is weak and ineffective, get a man in there to kick some ass and the human system will work.

This seems to be a highly implausible system, how could a singular asshole with such power over so many get everyone to go along and think it’s normal? Fear.

Inflicting fear is a lazy cheat of human development, instead of honest calm collaboration that takes nuanced work the authoritarian asshole inflicts instant violence and the resulting fear motivates action and belated acceptance. Authoritarians are not lazy per se, but very little of their energy is ever directed in changing the system where they’re in charge with whatever whim pleases them.

During Election 2016 it was reported anecdotally that when President Trump visited his son at private school Barron opened the door to his room not wearing a coat and tie, so Trump slapped him in the face for it.

The machismo authoritarian element of the Latino community sees the cruelty and implied violence as a feature, not a bug. That’s what The Man does and is expected to do, instill fear with whatever violent tool is handy.

It’s important to note the authoritarian streak in the Latino community almost exactly matches the 30-40% hard-core Republican base that exists in the United States as a whole, this brutal, regressive form of disgusting human behavior is not limited to them.

That’s why the President Trump base approval never goes below 35-40% no matter the criminal Putin puppet does, The Man is in charge and that’s all that matters, finally someone honest who kicks some ass to put those liberals, negroes, feminists and environmentalists in their place.

Democracy, equality, liberty, a life not motivated by fear—these mean nothing to authoritarians, the brutal violent implementation of whatever’s necessary is the only means of authority they respect and use.

It may seem amazing to an outsider but in this Christian year of 2020 around 30-35% of Americans don’t believe in democracy at all, they’ve been around since our inception with slavery, they were there when 35% voted for the disastrous Hoover in 1932. It’s a plain fact, no one who believes in any core tenet of American democracy would ever support Trump.

It’s always confounding and completely distressing the human tendency to always follow orders from authority, even when not motivated by fear. Research has shown it many times, humans are just naturally wired for it. Authoritarians know it, mix in some always-ready violence and there you go, the auth-thor-i-tay, the humans scurry and do as they’re told.

Yes, even after all the sickening Latino persecution by President Trump and his scowling fear-me portrait 35% will still faithfully vote for him. Democrats and liberals have always been distressed at low voting participation from Latinos—it’s a natural cultural thing where it’s accepted little people of course have no political influence or levers to do so.

In California that started to change in 1992 after the filthy border persecution of Governor Pete Wilson. It did not happen overnight, a steady input from Democratic and Latino leadership that Latino votes matter cultivated it, there’s a real way out of this filthy violence and fear manipulated by unfeeling assholes. California is now completely blue, and Texas is now purple.

These unfeeling, regressive fear-mongers have always been with us and obviously we have a long, long way to go in human development before they reach the 5% range of our population. Still, there are enough of us with the Enlightenment shining upon our shoulders so a just, democratic society is still possible in the United States. That Putin puppet and all his nauseating enablers in the Senate Republican Party are going to find that out very soon, oh yes.

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