Friday :: Oct 16, 2020

Forces of Roaring Change Gather Momentum

by paradox

It did not escape my attention that after being very hard on the US journalism corps the previous week they pathetically fell on their face with a mighty splat on Wednesday, two disgusting incidents that do not foretell well to the growing roar of change all around them, despite all the enormous energy if these inept charlatans do not get it together progressive change could be severely hobbled next year.

First was the grossly reprehensible decision by NBC News to schedule a Trump town hall forum precisely in the same time slot as Vice President Biden’s, which was only happening because Trump quit the initial format. This disgusting leap for ratings, this treating of politics as nothing more that lying spectacle, this groveling to power, this enraging trait to treat the public good and sphere as nothing more than a NBC urinal, my god, what a bunch of lousy greedy no-good Americans, is there a Putin town hall next week?

Then Rudy Giuliani, with an assist from Putin’s KGB, tried to plant propaganda filth on Hunter Biden through the slop gossip rag New York Post. Abandoning all reason, sense, good judgment and any shred of professionalism Maggie Haberman of the New York Times instantly tweeted credence to it, other “reputable” journalism shops picking it up and oh my god another lying Putin propaganda play is alive and well for election 2020.

As Greg Sargent of the Washington Post astutely observed, smart savvy insider successful US beltway journalists always seem to turn into useless stupid manipulated clods when it helps the GOP and lying Republicans. Yes, yes indeed, funny how it always works out that way.

Amazingly there was enough instant credible pushback inside the journalism corps along with a huge assist from Twitter blocking the lying filth to effectively kill the Hunter Biden story this time. If Twitter had not helped I doubt the US journalism corps would have not run with the story, they always gullibly leaped for this lying filth in the past.

Just as this typically disgusting journalism imbroglio was settling down came in the roaring fundraising news from the Biden campaign—$300 million dollars for the month of September! ActBlue shattered records everywhere while Lindsay Graham is crying for money, well well well, where is all that Big Republican Money now?

Freaking history, that’s where, that and the GOP are about to get crushed into a huge dustbin of it, every day a growing roar of record liberal money, record early Democratic Party voting and righteous citizen joy is going to smash the GOP into a rump minority Party for 40 years. Right at this moment Georgia is credibly blue from new registration, Texas and Florida solidly purple.

I was amused the see Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post describe the Biden campaign as “center-right,” while David Brooks of the New York Times wrote Harris won her debate from a centrist position. Our poor journalism cousins are obviously having a hard time with the steady roar of change coming upon them, so let me help you out a bit.

The Biden campaign is a liberal Democratic Party entity representing enormous forces of change in environmentalism and multifaceted equality. There’s nothing centrist in what we’re about to do, nor radical, not hardly, but the leftist liberal Democrats are here and about to be totally in charge for a long time, for the love of Hamilton drop your ridiculous reverence for Republican and conservative power, it’s so not in charge anymore.

A tiny element of the 2021 liberal agenda is banning any non-automotive internal combustion application by 2022, any weed trimmer, lawn mower, compressor, or digger must be electric, the market has a year to adjust.

Burning gasoline is a disastrous relic of the past liberal Democrats are going to change. Electric conversion for small applications are quick and easy, yet I do wonder how the American journalism corps will cover it—excitement that we’re finally doing something, or endless interviews from Trump voters in South Dakota who just can’t handle all these cords and batteries in their life?

Looking forward with the energy, resources and candidates of the Democratic Party one feels and sees an enormous potential for righteous change, yet it instantly gets tempered watching the excruciatingly awful corporate US journalism corps, they’re hugely responsible for this Trump catastrophe yet show no signs of change or improvement, they’re the same gullible water-carriers for the lying Republicans they always were. They don’t have the power to stop us, bet they can significantly hold us back, yes.

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