Wednesday :: Oct 21, 2020

Chuckling at the Most Inept Presidential Campaign Ever

by paradox

It turns out in the smashing splat of the Trump presidential campaign the most successful real estate developer in the race is Vice President Joe Biden. It’s really true, Eric Trump was stupid enough to post on Twitter an old mansion Mr. Biden used to own, thinking he lived in it now and sneering at the hypocritical Democratic elites.

Classically Trump stupid, Twitter immediately eviscerated the fool with the truth and noted that after ten years of ownership Mr. Biden sold the place for a profit of approximately a million dollars. Where in all this screaming mess is proof of a profitable President Trump real estate transaction? Nowhere.

No wonder Republican Pollster Frank Luntz lashed out at the Trump campaign as the most inept ever for obsessing over the ridiculous Hunter Biden meander of political nothing. Journalist Jake Tapper wryly noted that the amazingly stupid political moves of attacking Dr. Fauci and Lesly Stahl in the last two weeks of the campaign isn’t exactly a winning closing line.

It’s as I said months ago, with whatever time President Trump has left it is never a window of opportunity to somehow turn around the wreck, it’s just more options of arrogant stupidity that will smash his campaign back further.

As I said four years ago as the Women’s March righteously crashed into DC, President Trump has done the most stupid and dangerous political act imaginable, he’s truly and deeply offended the sense of rightness and decency of American women. The polling numbers are just astounding, there is no gender “gap” here, it’s a yawing chasm of roaring rejection that’s going to kick President Trump’s ass back to an outhouse at Mar-a-Lago, my God.

I sincerely hope the shattered Republican Party takes a good long look at the roaring defeat all around them soon and finally realize women are a critical part of any winning coalition anywhere. I will never get it, anyone who foolishly angered his mama or really enraged a wife of girlfriend precisely knows the power of a woman, oh yes, what possible good result could ever come about from nominating a serial sexual assault criminal who sneers at the rights and dignity of women?

Well, since the Republicans were stupid enough to do so they’re about to find out. It reminds me of a line from The War Room where George Stephanopoulos amusingly passes on Bill Clinton’s fierce growl of anticipation that I still think we can win Texas

Ah, the mighty Lone Star state of so many electoral votes. Democrats have a serious shot again of picking up a Senate seat there, and despite all the warnings it’s a long shot it’s easily within two points, that’s no longshot in my book. Vice President Biden could easily, really win Texas and then we’re looking at an electoral rout in the 400 range.

So a final debate where our pathetic orange Putin puppet has his mic automatically cut off because he’s such an awful interrupting asshole is going to turn this flaming mess of the worst Presidential campaign ever around this week? Heh.

I will certainly not watch, after the terrible bullying wreck job President Trump performed in the first “debate” I got sick, and distressingly I was ill again Sunday. It’s a very weird thing, the previous 18 months I was sick twice, but here in the last month of the campaign I have been sick three times, very much a bummer.

I’m optimistic about the Biden campaign, there’s nothing acutely wrong personally, I fear very little in this world, yet I’m obviously enormously upset, if President Trump somehow wins or successfully cheats American Democracy is over. We never, ever should have allowed ourselves to get to the precipice like this, and these Mussolini wannabes have inflicted incalculable death and cruelty upon our people already.

Like Digby of Hullabaloo, I will not feel completely right and centered as an American until that indicted Putin puppet is tweet-whining about prison from a padded room at Mar-a-Lago next January.

Meantime I will patiently watch and try to be mellow about it all. It’s a neurological thing, physically today I will be strenuous and totally engaged, you’d never know I was so sick this month looking at me.

I’m sure there’s no need for concern, soon the election window will pass and things will blissfully start to slide into a new American normality. We can dare to dream of a real American democracy again with a real President, yes, 13 days to go.

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