Thursday :: Oct 29, 2020

US 2020 Election Confidence Smashed

by paradox

Given what we know about the character and behavior of President Trump there is zero doubt in anyone’s mind that if he could President Trump would pull a Golovchenko of Belarus, he’d make a show of an election and then outright steal it.

Somehow Golovchenko got loyalists into the voting apparatus who then bluntly changed the totals to steal the election. For President Trump to pull that trick would mean subverting the Governors and Secretaries of State in key battleground States, for many reasons in the American environment that’s just impossible.

So President Trump sabotaged the Post Office and made sure no legislation to alleviate covid-19 polling problems ever made it out of Congress. The 2020 American election is an uproar of early voting, citizens desperate to make sure their votes get into the relatively clean process of counting.

No one has a clue what election day will be like, whether it will smash out participation records or just be the final trickle from the deluge of early voting.

Oh my god this is no not normal or right, Election Day should be a national holiday with feasting and celebrations, a calm orderly process where voting never takes more than an hour, absolutely complete confidence in fair counting rounding out a great day for our little people.

Now we’ve got this roaring mess of fear and dread. Home of the free my ass.

Even in all this Belarus mess of fear, lying and obstruction of course President Trump daily floats out heinous scenarios of judicially stealing the election or causing such an uproar of confusion he hopes he can de-legitimize the election and somehow squat another term.

If you care about this country, if you want a real future of freedom and happiness for your children, if you want all of our citizens to have a fair shake at success then never, ever forget this Belarus feeling about Election 2020, these bastards have stolen the confidence of one of our most precious democracy cornerstones, a free and fair election without fear or suppression.

In the growing horror of realization America is only a few steps away from becoming another Belarus furiously burn into consciousness the wisdom of Anne Applebaum: American democracy is not of our air and water, it’s not an immutable part of our environment, each generation must assiduously and diligently protect it and nurture it.

If we don’t then we get Florida felony conviction disenfranchisement. We get gerrymandered puzzle districts of cheating. We get rampant suppression in minority districts. We get liars and cheaters setting up fake ballot drop-off boxes. We finally get to the point where we almost become Belarus because we sat around and assumed the filthy lying Trumpist authoritarians could never take it from us!

No longer, far too many of our people will never forget this feeling of fear and dread around Election 2020. The Democratic Party is about to get the keys to the kingdom with a unified Party government and everything possible will be done to nurture American democracy.

Congress will pass a John Lewis voting rights act that will squarely take on minority vote depression. If those Belarus lying charlatans in Florida actually get away with their poll tax fine, ActBlue will take up the cause for 2018 and pay off every single one off, you racist Belarus Mussolini wannabes.

The horrible dysfunction of the disastrous Electoral College will be fixed, 22 states have already passed it.

Election day becomes a national holiday, while States that choose so employ the election window with greatly expanded access. Never, ever again will the United States Post office be used as a suppression tool.

There are a lot of very good reasons for obviating the Supreme Court pack of the lying Republican Party, but since four Justices recently made it so clear they could give a damn about State’s election rights—one of the goons even cited Bush vs Gore—it’s critical the lying Republicans are not given the Court as a future voting suppression tool.

I haven’t forgotten the men and women who have died defending this democracy, nor am I unaware of the many maimed and crippled among us who put on the uniform. I see the millions of little people who make this country run every day—the cops, firefighters, nurses, teachers—and if our leadership fails in nurturing democracy and their lives then I will spend the rest of my life vociferously reminding them to do so.

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