Tuesday :: Nov 10, 2020

What Precise Law Enforcement Agency Evicts Trump from the White House?

by paradox

President Trump is trying to steal Election 2020, and don’t look askance at that truth because it comes from a liberal, learned reporter Greg Sargent at the mainstream Washington Post tweeted precisely the same thing yesterday.

Just unpack the situation a little, President Trump completely, obviously lost Election 2020, it’s not remotely close, yet he refuses to concede. Not only that, he files legal challenges in every contested State and caused a huge uproar yesterday when he enlisted the Justice Department to investigate election “irregularities.”

What any good dictator would then do is trump up false findings from his own “justice” department and use it as an excuse or means to negate the election, to steal it. That’s why a top prosecutor at Justice quit, he won’t be part of this possible lying theft of democracy.

Either the United States is a democracy or not, the not here means autocracy, dictatorship, and terrible theft, there is no middle ground whatsoever where we sorta might be something and then it all works out to democracy.

President Trump is smashing American democracy right in plain sight, if we can’t get a peaceful, truthful transition from the election—hello?—democracy is not present, it’s gone, now we have to figure out a way to get rid of this felon to get a democracy-reset on January 20th 2021.

Lisa Desjardins of the PBS Newshour reported yesterday that the Biden campaign just blew off the issue of the GSA not signing over its transition operations, they’ve got money and space, but it was not made clear how agency personnel would perform without official GSA recognition.

There are two problems here, first is the obvious lack of performance without GSA recognition, but much more importantly just blithely ignoring that Election 2020 is being obviated—stolen—right in real time, it isn’t working!

So far it seems the Biden plan to President Trump intransience is to laugh at the absurdity and assume some forces somewhere to put the lever on Trump in accepting the Election and leaving.

President Trump is a lying criminal totally shielded from huge civil and criminal prosecutions while in the White House. He hates liberals and the Democratic Party and obviously has no belief in democracy at all. He tried to steal the election with obstruction and is now continuing the theft by not conceding. He will eventually have to be physically removed from the White House, which may require a preceding arrest.

It seems like the most laughable surreal fantasy but that is precisely where we are headed. President Trump will cook up some lurid stupid theft fantasy of Election 2020 and simply squat with it, just what are you going to do, liberals?

We know how to deal with trespassers in the White House, the Biden campaign has triumphantly proclaimed. Oh yeah? Just like you know how to deal with the GSA giving you and the country the finger?

I respectfully warn President-elect Biden and the transition team that laughing at the absurdity of it all and assuming the Republicans will somehow fix this will soon stop working on a political level. President-elect Biden will appear negligent for not defending democracy and a weakling for not fighting back for his people.
Yes it’s outrageous and surreal and disgusting but that felon President Trump is leaving no you no other options. Every day President Trump does not concede Election 2020 weakens American democracy and increases the chances for a coup, at some point yet unknown President-elect Biden will have to personally takes this issue on.

This was never supposed to happen in America but it has, and unfortunately there’s nothing in the Constitution to stop it or fix it, the Founders never thought we’d end up in a space like this. All we have is the ironclad fact that on January 20th Joe Biden becomes President.

All of us little people have paid taxes, lived by the law and faithfully voted, we deserve to know precisely how this is going to play out, since the election didn’t work.

So felon Donald Trump becomes a plain citizen on January 20th and is a trespasser in the White House. What precise law enforcement agency arrests him, cuffs him, and dumps him and his stuff somewhere?

Laugh all you want but that felon in the White House is a sick criminal, he could easily put that scenario in place, oh yes. Perhaps if it was precisely codified by President-elect Biden the felon would truly get the message and leave on his own.

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