Wednesday :: Nov 11, 2020

The Coup is On // Oh Chill Out

by paradox

You’ll have to forgive the little people for “becoming increasingly agitated,” as a Washington Post sub-headline proclaimed, for experiencing total exasperation with the enraging election mess in DC. Professional politically qualified voices seriously proclaim a coup and theft of the election is on, while equally qualified voices say President Trump is a clown who couldn’t possibly pull it off.

Whatever is the correct reality underlying it all is a complete sickening knowledge the Republicans have done it again, they’ve smashed a cherished American democracy institution and potentially caused horrifying trouble. Democrats faithfully abide by election results and would never, ever behave like this, are you still with us now with your both sides feces, American journalism corps?

I thought so. Along with everything else that’s gone wrong liberals have to live with the knowledge stupid American journalism goons will automatically equate us with the Republican filth in DC, they will never change. Does make for a joyful day.

Excuse me. President-elect Biden reacted with mature slightly condescending bonhomie to the gross abdication of duty and honor of the Republican Party, it’s an embarrassment, we’re perfectly fine anyway with the GSA obstructing us, no problem.

So my leadership said chill on the coup, we’re moving forward and there’s total confidence in the set of the culture to produce a clean and worthy election result. It will work out, be patient.

Great, the last time I got lectured to be politically patient was for the Mueller Report, an endless agony of waiting for nothing but horribly limited failure, which was compounded by Mueller just sitting there and let Barr wreck the lousy two-year result he came up with anyway. That patience worked out, yeah.

Excuse me. Okay, the coup is not on, I’m perfectly fine with following the gentle non-confrontive no-responsibility non-truth chill-out leadership of my Party. Of course.

All of this, as Digby of Hullabaloo correctly noted on Twitter, is to make any American liberal miserable, what a disgusting confusing alarming mess that degrades our Democracy as sincere good liberal American Democrats have to deal with the debacle and clean it up as best they can. Again.

This is bad enough, yes, but for this liberal there will always be an underlying unease about Election 2020, the voter gains in the Republican party were a nasty surprise, but how they got that growth is what truly upsets me.

By all accounts Jamie Harrison was running a seriously competitive race against one of the most nauseating Republicans of all time, Lindsay Graham. Things completely coalesced for Graham, however, once RBG died and the Supreme Court seat opened up, here was a chance to ruthlessly screw the liberals so oh yeah baby take it!

There is no guiding policy principle in the Republican Party except a pathetic reactionary pulse of owning the libs. However pathetic and incorrect it is it works, god, animating hatred of me and my liberal Party were more than enough to motivate 72,000,000 Americans to even vote for that Putin slimebag President Trump!

A small reason I keep writing all this time is to display to Republicans you’re wrong about liberals, this one has wartime military experience, buzz cut hair, drives a F-150 and worships the American woman far more than any puny spiritual god. Liberals are good Americans who have so much in common with our Republican brethren, it’s depressing to see this hatred of liberalism rage out of control, it’s completely unfounded and so common for enraged, small minds. Create The Other to blame and scapegoat instead of growing yourself, human evolution continues apace, yes.

The political science geek part of me knows I should do a serious knowledge dive today on voter participation myths by David Weigel—now there’s a fine reporter—and also how the Party lost the Latino vote in the Texas Rio Grande valley. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is part of the Texas massacre story.

Oh my god no, just forget it, I am going to follow the leadership of President-elect Biden and chill as much as I can this fine American day, keeping the faith that President Trump is a lying clown who can’t bake a potato, let alone pull off a coup.

I take very good care of my little house, there are things to do. I envied the reading scope of CNN’s Fred Zakaria recently in the New York Times review of books, I should try one of his recommended novels. Be a kind honest person, work well, keep the faith that being a good American will be good enough.

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