Friday :: Nov 13, 2020

Liberalism Needs to Deliver to the Little People

by paradox

I have never seen a Party so unhappy after winning, Nate Silver recently remarked on Twitter, partly a phenomenon of Democrats putting up with a too-long wait for results, a nasty shock of Republican participation, and that WATB President still not conceding.

Most of the serious unease, however, arises from the blithe acceptance of 70 million voters to easily the worst President of all time--the gross malfeasance, the trashing of alliances, the constant lying, being Putin’s puppet--none of that truly mattered as long as their guy was a force against us, the liberals.

Much of this can be attributed to American tribalism, yes, but equally is the fact that we’ve lost control of defining American liberalism. Naturally it isn’t a surprise in an environment where Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have been demonizing liberalism for 30 years, but obviously we have a lot of basic work to do on what liberalism really delivers for the little people.

If we didn’t then liberalism wouldn’t be so easily trashed and politically slotted as evil socialist communism. We lost the Rio Grande Valley in Texas election 2020, my god, who we are and what we deliver needs some serious reiteration.

Here we run into a massive American electorate problem, they’re not political geeks and nerds like us, heh, not hardly, very soon 80% of them will go back to ignoring politics and intoning sagely religion and politics are not to be discussed by polite folk.

The world’s a confusing, complex place that somehow has to be put into proper mental slots so you can get your ass to work and put in your daily duty as best you can. Most little people don’t think about politics at all in their daily lives and have very little connection to how liberalism has improved it and protected it, that’s just plain reality.

Remember, we can justify all to ourselves the nobility of liberalism, its freedom and real promises of human growth for all of us into the future, but it just isn’t working, Election 2020 showed us that. In all of the myriad choices and strategies to ameliorate this the wisdom of the great chef Jaques Pepin and his view of the restaurant business comes to mind.

Turn my hand green, he said. All the rest is bullshit.

Fight like hell and scream from the rooftops we need a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour. Much to dismay of liberals like myself the Democratic Party has lost huge chunks of the working class electorate, the reasons why don’t matter now, we’ve got to get them back.

Unions have been obviated, there is no leverage whatsoever in the American labor market to improve wages and our little people have been viciously ripped for it. If the minimum wage had been indexed to inflation—never mind a worker’s utopia of something a little more—it would be $22 an hour, that’s how far we’ve let this get out of control.

Deliver to millions of workers an improvement of $4-7 an hour in wages and they’ll vote Democratic, and they won’t listen to Facebook lying about communism.

Because it’s the only leverage in the labor market raising the floor will ripple up to all other hourly earners, of course they’ll notice too.

Make daycare a pillar issue, for so many families even having it available is just far too expensive, and it’s crushing the career ambitions of so many of our women.

For love of baby Jesus and all our little people please listen to AOC, please forgive her for whatever internal issues you may have and understand this is a cherished fighter for our people who has already done more for American liberalism than any other freshman rep.

Jobs. Employment, such a central issue for any citizen, in all the upheaval coming for the solar conversion American liberalism delivers jobs.

If you’re an oil worker in Texas or Pennsylvania you’re totally screwed, right this second investment is fleeing your sector—just as it did with coal—because renewables save money, they’re cheaper. Furthermore, the polling is through the roof from the public on renewable energy, the future of oil is chemistry, nothing else.

A Green New Deal proves to our people we’re willing to fight for new green jobs. A $15 minimum wages helps make a job worthy. Improving daycare instantly effects so many families so tangibly.

Look, I didn’t mean to demean American liberalism or somehow put down any of our diverse people and what they stand for, of course not. I’m upset, we’re in a hostile media environment, we’ve got to change.

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