Monday :: Nov 16, 2020

Is Immunity from Prosecution for Peaceful Transfer a Good Idea?

by paradox

In a faintly nauseating way President Trump has given American political science junkies an interesting question: is his refusal to accept Election 2020 defeat a crisis, and if so, how great a one?

I and most political observers would state certainly yes, in this particular evolution not in the danger President Trump can steal it and stay, but in that by railing the election was rigged President Trump obviously de-legitimizes it. Legitimate elections and peaceful transfer are a massively huge deal for American democracy, without them elections won’t work, Trump is wrecking the Great American Experiment right at this moment.

Given what this felon President is doing and his ability to brainwash the Fox News cult base behind him and his Party, on a scale of 1 to 10 how serious is this crisis on our fine day of American life, November 16th 2020?

[steeples fingers] 7.

Bad, but better than the 9 that would be flashing furiously had the election been very close and President Trump had a way to judicially steal it with a fake challenge, he clearly telegraphed that scenario.

As all American liberals and Democrats know full well Republican Presidents can lie and wreck the country at will while the journalism corps yawns and interviews Trump voters, fully expecting all the while Democrats will come in to clean up the mess with rigorous honesty and transparency and fiscal restraint. Of course.

The Republican Party is horribly enabling this sick crisis of infuriating immaturity, they’re useless. The journalism corps is trying to cover a pandemic and a crisis that doesn’t involve a foolish dalliance with an intern, they’re useless too. That means liberals and President-elect Biden have to somehow come up with a possible solution and serve the country again, shocking, isn’t it?

Liberals and the Democratic Party live the ethos of good government that serves the little people in equality and sustaining environments, that is our only mission. Somehow in the lying culture war of Fox News and talk radio liberals get painted as annoying scolds of political correctness, it’s such a total crock, none of the liberals and Democrats I know think that way or work exclusively for such goals.

What we do have to deal with today is that felon President initiating a democracy crisis 7, as infuriating and ludicrous as the situation presents itself duty to country forces President-elect Biden to look for possible solutions.

President Trump is a sick lying narcissist who cannot be shamed, with no concept of defending or nurturing democracy. President-elect Biden wisely went Mr. Rogers so far in dealing with this felon, had he personally confronted it President Trump would have instantly dug his heels in more, he such a defiant childish prick.

But is there in fact a lever with real power that would enable Trump to criminally squirm out of this while totally accepting the election? In fact, yes, offer President Trump a deal of criminal immunity in 2021 for accepting the election now.

How Machiavellian, how deviously cunning in its so-flippant dismissal of the precious democracy value of justice. Well, yes, of course, the American environment is presently a sick mess of laughingstock justice and in crisis 7 with a real option out, that is what the prism of Machiavellian realism shows you. If you don’t like it that’s your problem, not the environment of realism.

For this little person American I’d offer take that deal, yes, accept the election today, President Trump, tell all your base to do so, and no State or Federal office will prosecute you in 2021. Yes there’s an incredible amount of harm in denying justice by not prosecuting President Trump, it’s still way less than the harm of a wrecked election.

President Felon Trump would take it. Probably.

Our justice system, such as it is, can in theory recover or be amended for future better democracy. If we lose the integrity of elections there is no going back, we’ve lost all the democracy then, not just a degraded justice system.

There is no way to spin this or hide the truth, no way, President Biden would have to plainly, bluntly state the deal publicly in the simplest of terms. Does he have the personal and officeholder bravery to do that? Is it in fact a good necessary thing? I don’t know.

I would take the deal, yes. I’m also not President-elect Biden. I will faithfully, quietly follow his wisdom and leadership on this, we’re in a bad dangerous place and Mr. Biden is the leader of the Party.

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