Wednesday :: Nov 18, 2020

Both Sides Would Never Obstruct a National Election

by paradox

Someday the Democratic Party base will accept the results of Election 2020, shoulder life as best we can knowing the alternative is far worse and cheer up, soon the worst President we have ever had will finally be gone and to stay beaten down is to give up, that doesn’t square with any of the Democrats I know.

Yet today, November 18th, the election hangover is still very much on, ugh, there was so much hope in what could be done, a horribly stinging rebuke in too-much acceptance of Trump, and a queasy knowledge a heralding call to make the liberals cry really worked, that reason alone obviously motivated tens of millions of voters. In San Francisco there are 30,000 registered Republicans, yet Trump got 55,000 votes.

In the background of it all a horrible unease that Election 2016 really may have wrecked the democracy, Trump isn’t conceding and the grossly reprehensible Republican Party is enabling him again. We now know Mark Esper wasn’t worried about the American military being utilized in a coup, Trump has installed loyalists at the DOD to start a war much more easily. Trump is an enraged psychopath on the way out, he could easily perform catastrophic damage before January 20th.

In this utter civic debacle with the funhouse of a raging pandemic all around us still reality must be faced, far too many voters obviously have a totally skewered and wrong perception of liberalism and what the Democratic Party represents. We can’t yell at voters to wake up, we can only accomplish as much as we can for equality, the environment and good government, running with that as vociferously as we can.

We can change and accept responsibility as much as we can, yes, but it won’t help much if our freaking journalism corps insists on maintaining its utterly ludicrous reporting paradigm of both sides. Both sides, the Democrats and the Republicans, they’re just the same, they both perform the same kinds of politics. Incredibly during Election 2016 they even took it further, Trump is such a lying scumbag then we have to frame Hillary Clinton the same way with her email server, because, of course, both sides.

I, paradox of The Left Coaster, fiercely armored in pajamas and jacked with the righteousness of caffeine, declare this utter horseshit to be finally banished to the wastebin of history! The fools who insist on practicing it now know the full truth is out, it won’t work, you cannot keep up the fantasy of both sides with this knowledge totally in the open.

Such as, would a Democratic candidate ever refuse to concede an obvious national election loss and be enabled by his Party in doing so? No.

Would a Democratic Party president ever ignore a raging pandemic by playing golf? No.

Would a Democratic Party president or any Party member so stupidly refute science and the catastrophic onset of the climate crisis? No.

Would a Democratic Party President pay off a porn star with campaign funds to hush up his affair with her? No.

Would a Democratic President declare the Canadians a national security threat so he could slap trade sanctions on them? No.

Would a Democratic Party member ever disparage our fallen soldiers as losers and suckers? No.

Would a Democratic President ever totally ignore our little people and leave them with a vicious penury minimum wage of $7.25 an hour? No.

Would a Democratic Presidential candidate ever cheat a national election with the Russians and then commit obstruction of justice in trying to cover it up? No.

Would any Democratic President ever dream of coercing Ukraine to start a filthy propaganda ploy on an opponent’s son? No.

Would any Democratic Senator ever have the filthy arrogance and criminal mindset to try and throw out votes in Georgia? No.

Would the Democratic Party ever deny released felons the right to vote? No. Even if they had, would they then impose a poll tax to keep those voters from voting when forced to allow them to? No.

Would a Democratic President ever flood the media zone with endless lies and declare the journalism corps an enemy of the people? No.

I want our journalism cousins to be fully aware that the No’s in that short list are not just plain negatives, they’re screaming facts of reality that would never, ever happen. There are not both sides to American politics, the Democrats are doing well in attempting their goals while the Republicans have totally regressed into lying, angry, whining wannabe authoritarians.

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