Monday :: Nov 23, 2020

Election 2020, Liberal Backlash or Conservative Endorsement?

by paradox

When we vote, we win has always been a cornerstone of liberal activism, and although literally true for Election 2020 one of the nasty shocks for the left is that the Republicans pulled it off too, there was in fact a big pool of potential conservative voters out there and they got them.

So much of results can be felt through the setup of expectations, the pathetic polling industry missed Election 2020 by a country mile, there was a liberal win here all right but nothing like a wipeout with serious setbacks and disappointments everywhere.

One of the awful consequences is that “conservative” writers crawled out the woodwork to immediately denounce the left for its shortcomings, that’s why we did so poorly against expectations, the left is a bunch of snotty, groupthink tell-all culture warriors hopelessly out of touch with political slogans like defund the police.

Or was Election 2020 in fact not a rejection of the left but a full endorsement of President Trump and the “conservative” Party and movement he represents? Does President Trump possess some animating magnetism of defiant criminal rejection that motivates citizens to vote for him?

Down either possible path, oy, the final result is still depressing, it very well could be a mixture of both. There’s no way to know, of course, but personally I am with the answer that Election 2020 was a mix of conservative endorsement, but heavily leaning toward liberal backlash.

One small factor in that conclusion can be found with one Mr. Bret Stephens of the New York Times, who came up with this on November 16th:

What, today, is leftism, at least when it comes to intellectual life? Not what it used to be. Once it was predominantly liberal, albeit with radical fringes. Now it is predominantly progressive, or woke, with centrist liberals in dissent. Once it was irreverent. Now it is pious. Once it believed that truth was best discovered by engaging opposing points of view. Now it believes that truth can be established by eliminating them. Once it cared about process. Now it is obsessed with outcomes. Once it understood, with Walt Whitman, that we contain multitudes. Now it is into dualities: We are privileged or powerless, white or of color, racist or anti-racist, oppressor or oppressed.

I’m not into some I know you are but what am I game here, all right, I fully accept the problems and limitations of the Democratic Party, but this offensive diatribe of nothing gets a response from The Left Coaster.

It’s childish shit English diction, there’s nothing qualifying at all for these sweeping labels of nothing, we might as well be on the playground hearing your mama has cooties and your sister is ugly too!

Stephens will defend it by stating the preceding paragraph was demonstration enough by petulant liberal writers who quit their editors, seriously. The pipsqueak liberal publishing industry and career paths of Glenn Greenwald and Matt Yglesias aren’t definitive markers on the state of American liberalism, Mr. Stephens, give me a break.

All this childish writer has as an endorsement of “conservative” values or policies is It is perfectly possible to see Trump for the reprehensible man he is and still find something to like in his policies…

No it isn’t, it will never be possible to see President Trump as the horrifying liar, felon, cheater and cruel wannabe fascist he is yet still vote for him, let me tell you, Mr. Steven, the Republican Party in the United States has gone berserk with tribalism and hatred, the greatest proof is President Trump himself.

Nothing at all has happened like this with the Democratic Party, and this blithe acceptance and normalization of a massive, disgusting regression of the Republican Party is a nauseating, tragic evolution of American life.

Jesus Christ, Mr. Stephens, it was obviously all right with you to see American Democracy smashed by this felon, you didn’t care as long as those disgusting woke liberals got nailed. You dare to sneer at liberals and Democrats while ignoring horrifying degradation of Republicans, my god, it must be nice to be so completely lost and employed.

Yes, Mr. Stephens, and what would be those “conservative” policies be? He never says one, of course not, that’s because there’s nothing there, as a Party of regression Republicans offer nothing for the future, all they have is racism hate, pandemic death and climate denial.

The liberal Democratic Party will continue to strive for clean air, daycare, healthcare, better wages, police reform and infrastructure for our people. If you think a lying felon representing “conservatism” for Republicans with nothing but aggrievement for the future is a winning political strategy, well, good luck with that, Mr. Stephens.

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