Sunday :: Dec 6, 2020

A Terrorist Act Did Not Kill 284,528 Americans

by paradox

Naturally at the time of Executive transition there is a general air of evaluation of government policies, today defense by Oona Hathaway at the Washington Post, a distressingly DC conventional perspective that so-calmly discusses one of the most horrifying and destructive of United States government policy paradigms—defense—as if one were discussing the price of potatoes and carrots.

Currently the United States has gone berserk in defense spending with an annual DOD 2020 budget of $718 billion. In this incredible number arises a simple question, is any of it use in stopping the virus that has now killed 284,528 Americans? A tiny part in logistics, the rest a colossal waste that is useless in combating the virus, biology was and is a far greater threat to Americans than terrorism ever was.

Hathaway’s work—not at all exceptional in DC, the media and the Democratic Party—completely obviates the issue as if it didn’t exist at all, the little people have to listen how insane the President is all day but the gross sickness of $718 DOD spending is totally fine, normal, unquestioned as if the blueness of the sky. Okay.

Also, too, the comically quaint and blithe childish acceptance of the American Executive as a run-amok killer with no congressional oversight or authority is treated with the same amazing acceptance, wow, DC life does create some blind spots.

Back in the day invading the sovereign airspace of another country with attack aircraft that then killed human beings was a total act of war, if Mexico did it to us we’d sure think so. Yet now with impunity the American President can inflict war damage on any country in his or her whim without Congressional approval.

A short meander on one of the negative cascading issues from sick DOD spending, like foot problems with diabetes, right, please excuse me. Another bad secondary symptom is surplus military equipment given to local police departments, what could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, sorry, after the amazing acceptance of berserk DOD spending and the American Executive completely out of control with terribly effective means of violence Ms Hathaway’s piece does a good job of listing the tragically long theaters of violence the United States in now engaged in. $6 trillion for Iraq and Afghanistan, what a sick waste of nothing.

What’s killing Americans right now is a biology problem, not terrorism. Bad leadership is killing more with hunger and homelessness, if we don’t get our atmospheric chemistry right soon total cataclysm awaits us all.

To endlessly repeat the glaring insanity, does an aircraft carrier eliminate a virus? Does a tank feed a child breakfast? Will a machine gun build a bridge? Does a jet bomber educate children?

We’re spending an almost incomprehensible fortune annually on equipment and personnel for threats that aren’t killing us. Congress has just given up on its proper defense role, the President inflicting drone death with no oversight and terribly skimpy authority.

Then the little people have to listen how serious the Republicans are about cutting spending with the DOD budget so bloated it makes Jabba the Hut look slim. A lot of my people are in a total uproar with the upcoming decision not to federally prosecute President Trump, now you know how I feel having to be a good liberal yet be a member of Democratic Party that accepts this DOD spending insanity so casually.

No, I don’t expect the incoming Biden administration or Congress to even acknowledge the insanity, let alone cut at least $300 DOD billion annually.

I will, for the sake of the truth and future hope that $300 billion will be spent on the little people. The US Navy likes to operate its aircraft carriers in pods of 3, that means a conservative number of 120 F-18 attack fighters with fuel and radar support.

Possibly, maybe, in all the freaking world the Russians or Chinese might take them on to live and fight another day. I doubt it, actually. That’s just one element of the Navy with 2 pods in reserve, there’s the Air Force, Marine Corps, Army, Space Force and nuclear arsenal, will the incredible overkill of the DOD budget ever be acknowledged?

There’s hope in the screaming urgency to spend for the solar conversion, to feed and house our people, to vaccinate and fight racism. We need the money, the DOD spending will have to be cut $300 billion to finance the future. $400 billion, hopefully.

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