Friday :: Dec 11, 2020

The Republican Party is Spiraling Out of Control

by paradox

With the latest electoral college madness in Texas it’s becoming all too clear that after enough years of hectoring from Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump the Republican Party is regressing into a dictatorship Party that wants nothing to do with the rule of law or American democracy.

If the Texas regression were not proof enough there’s the latest insanity from Secretary Mnuchin, which effectively torpedoes any covid-19 economic relief this year.

Basically it’s a fuck you of amazing political immaturity and cruelty, Trump, McConnel and Mnuchin know how desperately the Democrats want this bill passed for our people and country, but for the Republican idiots in the White House and Senate getting off on watching the Democrats become apoplectic is much more fun and satisfying than serving our little people.

Those three Republicans simply don’t care our people are desperately hungry and getting evicted into the streets, Fox News and their own rabid base willing to excuse anything gives them a total mental and political insulation to what they’re doing.

Lie to the base election 2020 was rigged theft and run the economy into the ground during a pandemic, Texas leading the charge to smash it all down, as I’ve warned countless times fascism takeover is a creep of many small steps, one yawns and blithely shrugs off all the ridiculous tactics and then one day the Republican Party is really trying to shut down a national election to install a dictator.

In an increasingly desperate losing battle many have frantically tried to warn the American journalism corps what’s happening, perhaps the truth that America is becoming just another despot hellhole of cruelty and death would somehow stop it. Our flagship beacon of American truth at the New York Times chose to endlessly interview Trump voters instead.

Last Friday on the PBS Newshour the guest responding to covid-19 relief stated it was really cheap, easy to do and an absolute moral and economic necessity. There was no stupid lying rebuttal because there can’t be one, it’s simply the truth.

Perhaps CBS News or the Los Angeles Times will finally notice and actually know much of the truth has no both sides or cannot be balanced, their duty as journalists is to deliver it simply and plainly.

For the many, many tens of millions of Americans cold and hungry this morning, wretched with worry about what a broke Christmas is going to do their children, there’s very little hope a journalism corps that went berserk over Hillary Clinton’s emails will deliver the truth in the hope somehow all the howling cruelty and death will stop.

Which of course leads in hopeful gaze to the natural force in stopping all this, the Democratic Party opposition represented by the winner of election 2020, Joe Biden. So far President-elect Biden has taken a calm, beneficent Mr. Rogers approach to the growing roar of coup insanity taking place, surely the rule of law will ultimately prevail, ruthlessly ripping the new American fascists will just provoke many non-unity feelings that serves no one.

Is that the correct political approach? If in fact the rule of law and the electoral college works, easily yes.

However, the tactic carries two great weaknesses: it dims the hope and hurts the democratic souls defending the country and little people in the present, President-elect Biden’s very own voters and people. We understand the necessary tactic, but the depressing pain is still there.

Responding as Mr. Rogers also carries the risk of creeping illegality and boundary-pushing by Trump and McConnell, if no voice is raised against a clumsy coup or evicting our hungry little people into the streets, what then could be smashed or stolen without a peep?

If so many are willing to support what Texas just did, if the journalism corps decides to interview Trump voters and the President-elect is Mr. Rogers about it why not just obviate the electoral college outcome? It’s all rigged, Trump will not leave the White House, you and what army have any ability to stop it?

I state zero criticism of President-elect Biden here, Trump and McConnel are lying criminals who play by no rules, it’s often impossible to respond, there’s no counter-tactic that works.

The truth is that Trump and the Republicans have totally regressed into lying authoritarian wannabe fascists. We’ll know by January 20th if we’ve lost the country or not, the universe protect President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris, they’re out best hope to keep America a democracy.

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