Thursday :: Dec 31, 2020

This Will All Be Over November 4th

by paradox

So the worst President the United States has ever experienced and his yapping minions repeatedly insisted as the covid-19 catastrophe currently engulfs the United States, a blatant lie of sickly childish evasion beyond appalling in its cruelty and indifference. To the degenerative Republican base this happy lie just obviated responsibility for the catastrophe and pinned all the trouble on those evil liberals, look at the latest hoax they’ve cooked up to hurt our President!

History is usually a foreign concept for our earnest journalism cousins, not surprisingly the news is of course focused on, well, the new, their mission doesn’t fit history in seamlessly with the noisy, confusing present. Still, at least in a move respectful to the 330,000 dead CBS News could show the fresh graves with the appalling statements of President Trump and Senator Cruz superimposed, just maybe the concepts of compassion and shame could be smashed into their lying lizard brains or the warped cretins who vote for them.

If the appalling responsibility evasion weren’t horrendous enough it was twisted in the election to devastating effect, this is all a joke and a hoax and the Democrats are using it to hurt the President, the Democrats are willing to shut America down, take away all our jobs and livelihoods, just for their ridiculous pandemic hysteria!

A column in the New York Times described the shutdown endorsement to save lives and the economy and thus be hurt by it as “walking into a trap.” My god that’s no political trap, that’s being speared by ruthless liars who could give a damn about the dead or their families in their gross indifference to human life and dignity.

President Trump is in Florida golfing, Senator Cruz hunting in Texas, both with churlish political grins of disgusting self-satisfaction as their lies about how this would all be over November 4th are of course completely forgotten. They should come speak to the Santa Clara County health commissioner, she was the one with the authority to shut this county down again—not the Democrats—as the death toll mounted daily. As is often the case around the country at these announcements she was broken and crying as she did it, she’s a real American human, not a lying manipulative Republican.

History pierces with a vivid glare at the savagely stupid and appallingly inane judgments that the Mueller investigation/Russian 2016 election interference story was just flapping meander of distraction. It turns out that since rigging an election was so easy for the Russians with a lying green light from the American President why, just go ahead and penetrate huge amounts of the American government in a computer network hack, the compromised moron will just blame China. Right?

Of course he did. My god for all the veneration of Ronald Reagan one would think a tiny element of that mindset would live on, any Republican from the 1980’s who would learn the Russians could easily rig a national election, get away with it and then naturally compromise huge parts of government would absolutely freak out, many extinguishers would be needed for all the hair on fire and there would be a frantic movement to punish the stupid traitors who allowed this.

But in 2020 being a good Republican means going to Russia on the 4th of July and being utterly shameless in supporting treachery, mayhem, cruelty and death, go to hell, America, your little people and their votes mean nothing as they befoul the democracy again January 6th, why not, we got away with it before, didn’t we?

For the Democrats and little people looking on this is naturally an interminable episode of lying, sick incompetence and babbling useless journalism as “Congress” failed to come up with a economic rescue plan. Shamelessness is their superpower, Digby of Hullabaloo often reminds us of stupefying Republican hypocrisy, they really won’t care as they ruthlessly lie about deficit spending in 2021, the US journalism corps doesn’t do history, they’ll get away with it. Right?

Our hurt journalism cousins are looking on and retorting that it’s not their job to be historians, Democratic politicians are perfectly capable of articulating the past and the truth, do it and we’ll report it. Fair enough.

President Obama has noted it was just assumed being good honest Americans who worked really hard at good goals would be enough to assure American voters. That was a bad mistake in this journalism environment, as we move forward a hard sell of Biden Administration/Democratic Party competence and compassion is called for.

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